Morning ride

Well, heck, Richmond Park is just the perfect place for an early morning ride (as a fair number of local cyclists evidently already know). Get in there before they open the road gates (7am in the summer, 7.30 in the winter), and it’s like your own private cycling track – complete with roadside deer, rabbits and squirrels.¬†Simply glorious.


Weymouth to Lyme Regis to Templecombe

We’re doing a series of training rides before doing the big ride, and we’re going to post the routes on here. All of the rides are fairly easy to get to from London via mainline rail.

This first one kicks off at Weymouth, heads along the coast to Lyme Regis, where we’re going to camp for the night, and then continues the next day through the Dorset countryside to Templecombe. We’ve got a feeling it might be quite hilly. But you know, pretty too.

Check out the Google map of the ride.

The five ways of the road movie

From the Interweb: Road movies traditionally end in one of five ways:

1. Having met with triumph at their ultimate destination, the protagonist(s) return home, wiser for their experiences.
*Yup, that would be good*

2. At the end of the journey, the protagonist(s) find a new home at their destination.
*Oh, I don’t think so*

3. The journey continues endlessly.
*Well, OK, metaphorically… sure!*

4. Having realised that as a result of their journey they can never go home, the protagonists either choose death or are killed.
*Oh dear. Better watch out for that one*

5. The film ends without any implication of a further jaunt.