Day 1 – Departure

A breezy morning on the tip of Cornwall, but a bowl of hot porridge oats and a couple of cuppas set us up for today’s 48 or so miles. Land’s End itself is a hideous tourist trap, so we took some obligatory snaps and high-tailed it out of there. Just paused in Penzance to do some last minute tweaks, then we’ll be on our way towards Newquay.





The night before…


A stunning evening last night staying at a campsite in Sennen ahead of starting the ride this morning. Staggeringly beautiful way to begin the trip.

The Gentlemen are ready

So, just about packed. Taking just a couple of panniers each means ruthless packing, despite being away for over three weeks – which does unfortunately mean no tweed suits, which is a damn shame.

For our bikes: a new seat and seat post for Alistair’s Surly, as well as significantly lower handlebars, and a revised cleat set-up, courtesy of a bike fitting at Mosquito Bikes; oh, and some new mudguards from the lovely folk at Brixton Cycles. For Daf, a new bell and bike computer, as well as a new bike set-up for his Salsa courtesy of The Bike Whisperer.

We’ve typed up and printed out cue sheets (turn-by-turn instructions: ‘R @ RB, then imm. L and R over B4158 to TJ w. Bridges St…’) for the entire route; as well as highlighted map pages for the route taken from the Philip’s 5-star Navigator Britain road atlas.

Tomorrow morning we catch the train to Penzance, and we start the actual ride on Wednesday morning. We’ll post here as and when we can, hopefully daily. No idea what sort of form those posts will take… rambling and random quite possibly.