Day 1 & 2 Land’s End to Newquay, on to Launceston


Well crikey, that was a rude awakening. Our first two days were hard work, and I completely misjudged how much food and water I should be taking on, and felt less than shiny as we crawled into the unbelievably lovely Porth Joke campsite near Newquay.

I wasn’t feeling a whole lot better the next morning as we set off along the lumpy (insanely hilly) coast road up to Padstow. Fortunately a massive lunch and constant snacking and a lot of water nudged me back into gear.

We took the fantastic Camel Trail to Wadebridge, and ploughed on toward Launceston, arriving after dark after some killer hills and a puncture. A late dinner thanks to the lovely folk at the Springer Spaniel pub near Rezare set us straight.

Lesson learnt: eat twice what you normally would, drink gallons of water.


One thought on “Day 1 & 2 Land’s End to Newquay, on to Launceston

  1. Oh wow, you must have cycled past my parents’ house on the Camel Trail between Bodmin and Wadebridge. It’s lovely down there, but sounds like you need more pasties and saffron buns.
    Keep going!

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