Day 5 Street to Bristol


Apologies for the pause in communications. It seems that most of England has run out of WiFi. And 3G coverage.

Today was our first half day, just 38 miles or so of mainly gentle riding.

We steered clear of Glastonbury itself, and headed up to the incredibly beautiful Cheddar Gorge – which is unfortunately preceded by the distinctly less lovely Cheddar – a town that seems to have decided its only real purpose is to whore itself out for every last tourist pound.

The gorge itself is stunning, and a satisfyingly steep climb. And it was great to see that the Lycra clad folks on unladen road bikes weren’t going that much faster than we were (with each of us carrying two panniers, a tent, a sleeping bag, and a top box).


We carried on to the YHA at Bristol, with time in hand to wash all our clothes, and to meet friends for dinner and beer.


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