Day 13 New Lanark


Ah, the joys of a day off.

Since we’re staying in youth hostels for the rest of our trip, we took the opportunity to pack up our sleeping bags, tents, roll mats, camp stove, mugs and bowls, and post them back to London. Between us that’s more than 12kg we’ve taken off our bikes. Should make the Scottish hills slightly less daunting…

We headed back to the hostel afterwards – that’s Daf above looking slightly bemused that the door was locked when we got there. They opened up again not too much later fortunately.

While Daf caught up on his R&R, I took a walk along to the stunning Falls of Clyde. The village of New Lanark, where we’re staying, sits right on the Clyde, and the falls are just a short stroll away.


The falls are made up of four separate linn (Scots for waterfalls): Dundaff Linn, Corra Linn (the largest of the falls, at 90 feet), Bonnington and Stonebyres.

There’s a wealth of wildlife along the river, including badgers, otters, beavers, kingfishers, and even a nesting pair of Peregrine falcons – supposedly nesting somewhere in the picture below.


On my walk though, I saw a mouse. And that was it.

The falls are stunningly beautiful though, and the walk is elegantly laid out thanks to the fine work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust.


There was even an abandoned bridge, with a sign that suggested “Please do not attempt to cross the bridge”.

I did not attempt to cross the bridge.



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