Day 15 Stirling to Perth


Actually, we were only on the A9 for a short while. But photos of big signs are great.

We pootled about in Stirling this morning, picking up some warmer clothing for the days ahead.

Then we were up, up, up and away – with a steep climb just beyond the Wallace Monument and Logie Kirk, leading to a stunning ride across to Blackford.


The sun was smiling down upon us for the whole day, and it made for the perfect ride – stunning scenery, hardly any cars, fine weather, and a steady descent after a sharp climb at the start of the day.



We stopped at the site of the Sheriff Muir battle to tuck into a couple of sandwiches, and to take some more photos of ourselves on our bikes. Here’s a shot of Daf getting ready to do just that:


Then it was on to Perth.


We’re staying at a B&B, with actual beds. It’s a whole new world of luxury.

We nipped out to a local restaurant, and as tends to happen, got chatting to some of the people there about our trip. Two of them, Tommy Dickson and his son Norman, immediately dug out £20 each for us to pass on to our chosen charities.

Spontaneous donation like that warms your heart.


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