Day 18 Nethy Bridge to Inverness



We woke at Nethy Bridge to find a pair of red squirrels squabbling over their breakfast, just outside our window. Down south the grey squirrel has obliterated the red, so it’s a real treat to see them here.

From Nethy we continued our journey through the Cairngorms, across wide open moorland, and then on to Cawdor, home to Cawdor Castle, famous for its connection to Macbeth, the Thane of Cawdor (though the play is a largely fictionalised account of events, and Cawdor Castle didn’t exist during Macbeth’s lifetime).

Anyway, in art as in life – something wicked did indeed this way come: a long uphill ride towards Inverness, directly into a headwind. Not arduous quite, but dull certainly.

But, now in Inverness, we’re enjoying some proper home comforts courtesy of our friends Jill & Dara, who have leant us their home for the night. A roaring log fire, a gorgeous shower, yummy pizzas, broadband and a stereo.

Simple pleasures are often the best.


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