Day 21 Tongue to John o’ Groats


Well, we made it!

Three weeks after we kicked off around a thousand miles further south, this afternoon we pedalled in to John o’ Groats.

We started this morning in Tongue, with a ride of roughly 66 miles ahead of us, tracking west along Scotland’s north coast.


The road undulated with the coastline, but with much gentler inclines than the ones we climbed up in Cornwall at the beginning of our trip. Or maybe our legs are just a bit stronger now…


The weather was all over the place – one minute we were riding along in full wet weather gear, the next we were in shirt sleeves and shades. Four seasons in one day? More like four seasons in one hour. But all the time, thankfully, the wind was at our back.


The landscape was tamer than yesterday’s epic wilds, but not without its own rugged charm, and some stunning beaches.

A two mile downhill into the village of Reay, on fresh asphalt, was particularly fun.

And then, around five o’clock, with a cool sun and a long break in the rain, we trundled gently into John o’ Groats.

It’s been an incredible trip. Amazing people and amazing places.

It’s mighty tempting, but I’m not even going to try to sum it up right now – better to let things sink in a bit first.

Tomorrow we head a few miles south to Wick, to catch the train to Inverness, and from there the sleeper service back to London.

In the meantime, a couple of beers, and a long, long sleep.



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