About Dafydd

Cyclist. Tinkerer. Not a bad singer, actually.


Here’s some pics that didn’t get posted earlier. We did promise that this blog would be a bit chaotic…

Here’s Alistair at Severn Bridge. Intrepid!


And here’s Al cooking dinner. In the rain. In the dark.


Entering Herefordshire.


This is what happens if you ask Al to model ‘maximum joy’.


Songs in my head


Songs in my head while riding and smiling: Map of the World, part 2 by Jane Siberry “you mentioned La Pieta, the dotted line, the holy flapping dress…”; Blazing Away by Norma Waterson “we’ll make a bonfire of our troubles…”; Matapedia by Kate & Anna McGarrigle “50 minutes, 50 miles, 30 minutes, 30 miles, 10, 9, 8…”



Arrived in Somerset yesterday. Fairest of the counties. Green, yes, but more so. World-class verdancy! Cows push each other out of the way to welcome us. Truly! Hills have flattened themselves into manageable bumps. We are even enjoying them. A bit. Currently in Bristol, at Arnolfini, with an ale. Feels like coming home.