The night before…


A stunning evening last night staying at a campsite in Sennen ahead of starting the ride this morning. Staggeringly beautiful way to begin the trip.


The five ways of the road movie

From the Interweb: Road movies traditionally end in one of five ways:

1. Having met with triumph at their ultimate destination, the protagonist(s) return home, wiser for their experiences.
*Yup, that would be good*

2. At the end of the journey, the protagonist(s) find a new home at their destination.
*Oh, I don’t think so*

3. The journey continues endlessly.
*Well, OK, metaphorically… sure!*

4. Having realised that as a result of their journey they can never go home, the protagonists either choose death or are killed.
*Oh dear. Better watch out for that one*

5. The film ends without any implication of a further jaunt.