Alistair is fundraising for Cancer Research UK
My family has been through the mill with cancer, with both my mother and sister having been affected by it – though I’m happy to say they’re both fit and well now.

One-in-three people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some stage in their lives. But more people are now beating the disease than ever before. Cancer Research UK’s work is at the heart of that progress. Cancer Research UK supports the work of scientists, doctors and nurses who are dedicated to beating cancer by understanding its causes and finding new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent the disease. Which is pretty damn fine.

Visit Alistair’s Just Giving page to donate.

Dafydd is fundraising for Sustrans
As part of this adventure, I’ve decided to get me some good karma by fundraising for Sustrans, the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity. Walking, cycling and public transport are big priorities for me. I agree with Sustrans that everyone should have the choice to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment. Sustrans turns disused railway beds into glorious foot and cycle paths. I know because I’ve ridden down lots of them. Sustrans makes people feel safe about walking and cycling for their everyday journeys. Sustrans commissions public art; it’s not just about getting from A to B, it’s about wonder! Sustrans campaigns for sustainable local travel and is a voice of sanity with regard to transport policy. In summary, Sustrans is good. Give us your money!

Visit Dafydd’s Just Giving page to donate.


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